VISION : “Students are engaged as active learners, supported with a school curriculum that is meaningful and provides for them into the future.”


For safety and attendance reasons it is important that parents and teachers know where children are. We require a verbal or written explanation from a parent/caregiver whenever their child is absent from school before 9.30am. A daily attendance is taken a.m. and p.m. Parents are contacted if no call has been received by 10a.m.

Please contact the school by telephone 07 893 8839.

Every day counts in education and for children to make reasonable progress, regular attendance is essential.

Parents and/or truancy officer will be contacted where prolonged or regular absence causes concern.


The school accept responsibility for children when they arrive from 8.30am onwards.

9.00am - Classes commence

10.30am - 11.00am Morning Interval

12.30pm - 1.00pm Lunch

2.30pm - End of Day

All children should be out of our school grounds by 3.00pm. Those who wait for parents/caregivers will be supervised appropriately.


Assembly is held twice a term in the Forum Room. All parents and community members are welcome. The assemblies are times when our children’s successes are recognised and celebrated.


All school stationery and equipment should be purchased by the student at the start of the year. Specific to learning stationery is purchased by the school and the parents are then billed.

The school provides text books on loan to pupils on the understanding that parents will make good the loss of any book damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

New Entrants (5 year olds) will receive an entrance pack and a list of the stationery required


Please clearly name your children’s clothing. Should your child lose items of clothing lost property is held in a box, which can be inspected at any time. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of any jewellery or money items. The school holds no responsibility for any unusual or valuable items that may be brought to school.


The school is committed to natural justice and seeking low level resolution in the very first instance. Our Concerns/Complaints Procedure is available from office on request. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to take a support person with them if need be.


The school supports the Duffy Books in Homes and the children receive free books during the year, which help the children to succeed.

Children also have the opportunity to receive more books through Caught Being Good Awards. Children are chosen to receive a free book, which they get to choose themselves. The book is presented to them on Fridays.



We provide Breakfast in school for all students who would like to participate. Parents of participating students assist with running the Breakfast Club at 8.30am each school morning on a rostered basis.

200ml of milk is available for each student daily at school.

KidsCan provides in other areas of need. All this support ensures that our students are well equipped to focus on their learning and able to progress as expected. We are fortunate to be part of these programmes.


Children's teeth are examined by the school Dental Nurse annually. The school dental nurse may be contacted by phoning 0800825583.


This programme is initiated by the Ministry of Health. The programme aims to promote the health and wellbeing of children in our school. It focuses on four priority areas: healthy eating, physical activity, being sun smart and smoke free. Fruit is delivered to the school twice a week and it is distributed to the children on a daily basis.


For reasons of safety please notify the school if your child has an allergy to bee or wasp stings or similar. Any required medication during school hours should be left at the school office clearly labelled. Please complete the “Request to Administer Prescribed Medication” form, which is available from the office. We also need to be informed of any medical treatment your child may be receiving. The Public Health Nurse visits the school regularly.


There is no provision for bought lunches. Emergency lunches will be provided at a cost of $4.00 and parents will be invoiced. Healthy kai is encouraged to maximise learning. No sugared foods and lollies are allowed

WATER OR MILK In keeping with healthy lifestyle choices, children are required to drink water or milk only, whilst at school.


We believe that books are to be used. The school librarian is at the school each Wednesday to issue students a new book. Please ensure your child has the previous week’s book to return on this day otherwise another one may not be issued.

The Community Library which operates from our school is open to the public on Tuesdays between the hours of 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm.


We can make good use of a variety of materials in art and development activities; items such as newspaper, magazines, wool, material, sacking, cartons, boxes, old dresses, hats, cardboard and plastic containers, etc. Think of us before you throw anything like this away.


The office is open between 8.30am and 11.30am Monday to Friday. Morning tea time 10.30am-11am.


Parents should contact the school office if they wish to make an appointment to see a teacher so a suitable time can be arranged. Parents should only contact a teacher within school hours, or at home in an emergency or by prior arrangement.

We do, however, have an open door policy and parents are invited into the classroom and join in the daily activities.

The School telephone number is 07 893 8839 or fax 07 893 8832. Messages can be left and will be given to the person concerned at the earliest convenient time.


We have books and birthday cards for our pre-schoolers who are aged 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you have any pre-schoolers at home, please let us know and we will send home one free book a year for the child, until they turn 5.


Project Energize is a project for primary schools to improve children’s physical activity and nutrition, to improve their overall health.

What does it mean for the school?

- A Team Energize staff member to support the school

- Additional professional development for teachers

- Opportunity to improve the overall health and nutrition of students

- Continued working relationships with community health services


Religious instruction at school is taken fortnightly on Tuesdays by a group of volunteers.

A written note to the principal is required for a child to be excused from religious instruction and excused children will be supervised by staff.


These are teachers who advise on children with learning/behaviour difficulties. Parents can access this help through ringing 07 895 5150 or contacting Taumarunui High School.


These are teachers who provide staff with a special learning plan for students achieving below the expected level for their age.


When parents arrive to drop off and pick up their children from school it would be appreciated if they would park in the car park outside the school grounds. This is to ensure the safety of the children as it is too easy to miss a child behind your car when backing out of the inside car parks.


We base our rules on commonsense and safety. They are:

- No pupils in the playground areas or buildings grounds before 8.30 am.

- Pupils are to leave the grounds at 3.00 pm and make their way home promptly.

- Pupils leaving the grounds at 3.00pm are instructed to cross the roads carefully.

- Children are not allowed to leave the grounds during the hours of school except with written permission from parents or with the authority of the Principal.

- Lollies, chewing gum, bubble gum and fizzy drinks are not permitted at school.

- Radios, electronic games, iPods and any other valuables, or items likely to cause harm, are not permitted at school.

- Mobile phones that are needed by children can be handed into the office before school and picked up at 3.00pm. They are not permitted during school hours.

- Home toys cause disagreements and therefore not permitted. There is enough equipment to play with at school.

For Health and Safety reasons the only jewellery to be worn at school is:

§ A watch

§ A cultural taonga

§ One ear stud to an ear lobe

§ One flat finger ring



Terms 1 and 4, there is compulsory wearing of regulation sunhats. Those without are confined to shaded areas for safety reasons. Sun Hats are provided by the school for use during school hours.

SWIS – Social Workers In School

We are part of this organisation, which we find forms a valuable partnership between home and school. Further information regarding SWIS is available at the school office


Outside technology will be held at Taumarunui High School once a fortnight for Years 7 & 8. Children will travel with a parent or on the school van and are expected to adhere to all relevant guidelines and rules.


All children have the option of Te Reo Maori according to the timetable, once a week using Virtual Learning Network class and joining up with other students in New Zealand as well as continuous revision in class.

Kapa Haka instruction is once a week.


There is a school policy regarding students walking and cycling to and from school. This is to be signed by parents should their child/children use this method to get to and from school. A copy is available from the office.


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