behaviour management

VISION : “Students are engaged as active learners, supported with a school curriculum that is meaningful and provides for them into the future.”


Our discipline procedures reinforce positive behaviour and make children aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

The school has its own Discipline Policy which aims for the same ideas.

¨ A safe learning environment

¨ To develop children into responsible individuals

¨ To encourage the children to achieve their academic potential


Good behavior in our classrooms and playground helps to create a safe learning environment for your child.

In our school we use a Positive Choices approach. We are calling it our “Show me 5”.

There are so many well behaved children at our school that we would like to encourage and reward them regularly for their good behaviour. Every child is rewarded for good behaviour daily. There are consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

Swearing, spitting, bullying, being unkind, chewing gum are some of the unacceptable behaviours.

If a child leaves the school grounds the police will be called and they will be immediately stood down. Leaving the school grounds means that we can no longer keep the child safe at school and we regard this very seriously.

We would like all Parents or Caregivers to discuss this behaviour plan with your child/ren, so that we are all aware of how it works and the consequences. We can send you your own record sheet to use at home.


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