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VISION : “Students are engaged as active learners, supported with a school curriculum that is meaningful and provides for them into the future.”

Ohura Valley Primary’s curriculum encompasses all eight learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. English, mathematics and statistics, the arts, health and physical education, learning languages, science, social sciences and technology.

We give high priority to literacy and numeracy as we believe that mastery of these areas unlocks all other curriculum areas for the learner.

Other curriculum areas tend to be integrated into a context of study giving students a broad general education with a wide variety of experiences so as to nurture an interest and love of learning.

The Virtual Learning Network and Down the Back Fence programmes are used for some Te Reo, Ti kanga, Science lessons and connecting Rural Schools. Students connect with students all over New Zealand and other countries for their learning

NZ has a national curriculum that guides what your child learns at school. Your child will develop a range of values and key competencies, or capabilities, that they need to succeed in life. These are all woven into the teaching of learning areas, or subjects.

The National Curriculum is the term used to refer to The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. These set the direction for student learning and guide schools and kura as they design and implement a curriculum that meets the needs of their students.

There is a big focus on reading, writing and maths in the primary years, as these are really important foundation skills that everyone needs in order to be able to do well in life. Children need strong reading, writing and maths skills to progress through the levels of the National Curriculum and be able to achieve NCEA Level 2 or above at secondary school.


The vision is for young people to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.


Students are encouraged to value:

  • excellence, by aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties
  • innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively
  • diversity, as found in our different cultures, languages, and heritages
  • equity, through fairness and social justice
  • community and participation for the common good
  • ecological sustainability, which includes care for the environment
  • integrity, which involves being honest, responsible, and accountable and acting ethically, and
  • to respect themselves, others and human rights


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